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12 Days of Christmas Workout

Here’s a fun bodyweight workout that anyone can do to get you moving during the holiday season!

For Time:

1 00m run

2 Burpees

3 Kick Throughs (LR = 1)

4 Sit ups

5 Single Leg Squats (LR = 1)

6 Reverse snow angels

7 V-ups

8 Hand release push ups

9 Squats

10 Reverse plank dips

11 Tuck jumps

12 Lunges (LR = 1)

Time Cap: 25 mins

Coaches' Notes:

  • Perform the workout like the “12 Days of Christmas” song. In round 1, run a 100m. In round 2, perform 2 burpees and then run a 100m. In round 3, perform 3 kick throughs, then 2 burpees, then run a 100m. Continue adding a new exercise each round until you finish or you are time capped at 25 minutes.

  • This is a tough, but fun, one! Your goal is to just keep moving for the entire 25 minutes. It's okay to go slow or to not finish this workout within the time cap!

  • Do scale down the exercise if needed! For example, the single leg squats can be scaled with the assistance of a chair. With one leg off the ground, attempt to sit and stand up from the chair. You can scale if down further by sitting with both legs and standing up with one. Comment below if you need more scaling options! Have fun!

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