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Corporate Team-Building

At The Daily Movement, we provide exciting and fun team-bonding activities for your staff to bond with their team! Whether you’re seasoned veteran or a rising star, it’s essential to build rapport amongst different team members for a happy and prosperous workplace! 

How it works

We have a range of fitness and wellness classes, workshops or activities to help rejuvenate and bridge the gap at your workplace. For example, your team-bonding activity can be a simple one-hour class with team-based workouts, or a more complex activity with objectives such as a race! Inclusivity is one of our core beliefs so don't worry — all our activities are made for people of all ages and fitness levels!

Fitness Community in Singapore


Let us know the size of your team or the number of people participating in the team-bonding event. We can accommodate small private groups, or even group sizes in the hundreds. The more the merrier!

Clementi Singapore


We can plan your team-bonding activity at your location of choice, at the office, at our partnered studios, or at our outdoor location at Clementi Sunset Way. We also offer virtual team building events.

Running in Singapore


After finding out your requirements and goals, we will work with you to come up with an activity that is suitable for everyone! Our range of activities include fitness classes, yoga workshops, and even outdoor races!

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