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Events and Workshops

We have a portfolio of experience when it comes to planning our own events or partnering with external organisations as an accredited fitness and wellness provider. From virtual to in-person events, workshops and fundraisers, our team will help bring your ideas to life!

Our Expertise

We are not your typical fitness and wellness junkies. Having experience in other non-fitness industries, our team is versatile and accomplished in fields of marketing, community outreach, event planning etc. This enables us to be a reliable and trustworthy organisation as we know the ins and outs of any occasion.

Planning with with The Daily Movement

Events and Workshops

Planning or being part of an event is something we find fulfilling. Our core belief is to build a strong and resilient community through fitness and wellness, and organising events helps to achieve that goal!

Fundraising with The Daily Movement


We have experience in planning and organising fundraising events and activities in Singapore. We are always looking for an opportunity to give back, please reach out to us for more details.

Retreats with The Daily Movement


Enjoy a fitness and wellness retreat in Singapore or overseas with your team - without any worries. Let us know the details and we'll plan a fun and exciting get-away for you and your team!


Engage us as a


Vendor / Provider

Engage us as a fitness and wellness vendor/provider to conduct a class or workshop for your private or public event; in an indoor or outdoor setting. We have the equipment and expertise to conduct all types of events, workshops or fundraisers.


Event Planner

Engage us to plan your fitness and wellness related event, workshop or retreat from start to finish. We can also provide creative and marketing services (eg. graphic design, photography and videography) for your occasion. Contact us to find out more.

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