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Bootcamp updates and new classes

Updated: Nov 4, 2021

After months of fluctuating Covid-19 measures, we are finally back. As we approach 'endemic' (at the end of 2021) we have introduced new measures, new timeslots, class names and more!

New Timeslots and Class names

With a growing community, we are having three classes a week from September 2021, on Wednesdays 8-8:45pm, Saturdays 8-9am and on Sundays, 5-6pm. Our location remains unchanged at Sunset Way Fitness Area. This change is to ensure that all our members enjoy the flexibility in schedule and the benefit of having a more holistic fitness plan. Our bootcamp names and descriptions got a face lift too! Rest assured, they're still the same classes we love to hate or hate to love (depends on how you see it).

CIRCUIT on Wednesday Night

Expect a series of different stations with functional exercises that either focus on muscular strength and endurance or aerobic conditioning. This outdoor class is suitable for all fitness levels.

BODYWEIGHT on Saturday Morning

This class consists of bodyweight movements to build muscular strength and endurance while working on your mobility! If you’re working on getting your first pull up or if you’re a calisthenic pro, this outdoor class is suitable for you!

EXERT on Sunday Evening

EXERT is a full body functional workout that consists of improving your aerobic conditioning and muscular strength/endurance. This outdoor class is suitable for all fitness levels!

We hope to see you at one of our bootcamps! Free trials are available for newcomers. Contact us if you would like to join us for one of our bootcamps!

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